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Päivi Korpivaara #24

– Candidate for Middle Finland County Council

This page is for County elections (23rd January 2022).

Päivi Korpivaara # 24 | The Greens in Finland


M.Sc. degree in Industrial Economics
In addition, I have studied administrative sciences at the University of Tampere.

I have qualifications of
– teacher and principal competence
– study supervisor
– Occupational safety trainer
– Fire work course leader
– Certified Project Manager (IPMA).


I work at a university of applied sciences. I have worked in the private sector, as an entrepreneur in the ICT sector, in the city, and in an organization. I am e.g. launched the medical helicopter and served as its executive director.

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– Deputy Commissioner of Jyväskylä
– Chairman of the Regional Waste Board. (Jyväskylä, Muurame, Laukaa, Toivakka)
– Member of the Vihreä Liitto ry Legal Policy Working Group
– Member of the Board of the Jyväskylä Homestead Association
– Member of the Board of the Jyväskylä Finland-America Association


I live with my husband, 2 dogs (Samoyed, husky) and 4 country cats in a one-family house in Tuohimutka, Jyväskylä. There is a henhouse in the yard where a dozen chickens lay eggs when they happen to be in that mood.

My children are already adults. We are so-called a support family and once a month a preschooler visits us. There is an action-packed weekend.

Election goals


Activities and processes need to be planned first. Based on it, make an organization. Not by first creating a multi-level leadership hierarchy and then adapting the activity to the hierarchy.

– Low-level organizations, self-directed teams, power and resources at the employee level to develop their work.

– Break the line between primary health care and specialist care. Now, for example, the same laboratory tests can be performed several times at different treatment levels.

– Well-being at work, it starts with management and fair recruitment.


The basis of well-being at work is in management. That way you get workers and keep them in the workplace.

– Fair recruitment in practice, guidelines alone are not enough. Anonymous recruitment enabled.

– Whistler bowler reporting channels to eradicate abuse and corruption.

– Job satisfaction must be measured annually. The analysis must include more than just averaging. On average, it’s good to be when one foot is ice cold and the other is hot. In large organizations, the average is averaging. Managers and managers need to be able to be reassigned based on poor performance.

– The welfare area must be covered by the Public Access to Information Act. It should not be limited by the duty of loyalty. The welfare area should withstand public evaluation. If something does not stand in public, then it should not be done.


One of the foundations of governance is the economy and its metrics. Citizens and the press must have the right to financial information. This is part of the control of operations.

Services are produced in collaboration with public production and private actors (companies and non-profit organizations).

Procurement expertise and guidance are important. Attention should be paid to this.